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Assessing Eligibility for the North Carolina Medicaid Personal Care Services

Transition To New PCS Vendor: Kepro/Acentra

As the transition from Liberty Healthcare of NC to the newly awarded vendor for PCS Kepro/Acentra progresses, please note the below important dates.

Effective Friday 9/22/2023:

  • Liberty Healthcare will stop scheduling and conducting in-person face to face assessments for PCS. Kepro/Acentra will begin scheduling all in-person face to face assessments Monday 9/25/2023 with the first assessments to be conducted Monday 10/2/2023.
  • At 5pm Liberty Healthcare will stop accepting standard DHB 3051 Requests for PCS to include:
    • Standard New Requests
    • Change of Status (both medical and non-medical)
    • Change of Provider (both fax and by phone)
    • Managed Care Disenrollment
  • Beginning Monday 9/25/2023 all standard DHB 3051 Requests for PCS should be sent to Kepro/Acentra at: 833-521-2626

Effective Tuesday 9/26/2023

  • At 5pm Liberty Healthcare will stop accepting DHB 3051 Expedited New Requests. Beginning Wednesday 9/27/2023 all Expedited New Requests should be sent to Kepro/Acentra.

Effective Friday 9/29/2023:

  • Liberty Healthcare will close its Customer Support Center effective end of business day 4:30pm. All PCS inquiries after that point should be directed to Kepro/Acentra.
  • Kepro/Acentra Customer Support can be contacted by phone and email.
  • NC Medicaid Direct programs will transition to NCLIFTSS by Oct. 6, 2023.
    See the transitions dates here.

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