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Assessing Eligibility for the North Carolina Medicaid Personal Care Services

Medicaid Personal Care Services (PCS)

A North Carolina Health Assistance Program For Qualified Active Medicaid Beneficiaries

PCS News

QiRePort Questions?

Are you having technical difficulties with your QiRePort login ID/password or system access? Please call the VieBridge Support Center at 888-705-0970 or email them at

NCID Questions?

Please call the North Carolina Identity Service at 800-722-3946 or email them at for noncritical issues.

Assistance for Improving Your Quality of Life

At some point in our lives, it can happen. Perhaps through aging, perhaps through disability. You or a family member may need personal help with those everyday tasks of daily living that you'd normally do for yourself.   READ MORE >

What You Need To Know About Medicaid PCS

Your patient is on Medicaid and needs someone to help them with everyday activities. Are they eligible for Medicaid's Personal Care Services? Find out what these services are and how to evaluate your patient for possible eligibility.   READ MORE >

Get Information & Updates On PCS Issues

Do you have questions concerning the PCS process? Who is eligible? Who can make referrals? What billing codes should you use? Whom should you call when you have questions or billing concerns? Find out this and more.   READ MORE >