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Assessing Eligibility for the North Carolina Medicaid Personal Care Services

Frequently Asked Questions - General Issues

Q. Where can I find information about the new Clinical Coverage Policy 3L, Personal Care Services (PCS) program requirements and procedures?

A. Personal Care Services (PCS) Policy became effective January 1, 2013 and detailed information regarding the PCS program is posted on the NC Medicaid Consolidated Personal Care Services Webpage.

Q. I am not a current licensed home but would like to provide Personal Care Services (PCS). How do I enroll?

A. Potential providers can enroll using the Online Provider Enrollment Application. The enrollment process includes credentialing, endorsement, and licensure verification to ensure that all providers are in good standing in the community. Applicants must meet all program requirements for which they are seeking enrollment before they can be enrolled as a Medicaid Provider.

Q. How do I get on the PCS provider list or make sure that my agency is on the list?

A. Liberty Healthcare of NC maintains a database of PCS providers who are enrolled in NC Tracks and participating in NC Medicaid. Your agency will appear on the list based on your Medicaid provider enrollment information.

Q. How can agencies make sure they are on the list for all of the counties they serve?

A. Providers that are using the Provider Interface of QiReport can ensure that the list of counties in which they provide services is up-to-date by logging in to QiReport, clicking the "Referrals" tab, and then clicking the "Counties Served" link in the on the left side of the screen. Liberty Healthcare of NC updates the provider list used by the independent assessment nurses on a weekly basis based on this information entered by providers.

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